In the contemporary world, Southeast Asia labourers are often seen and valued in regards to industry.

In addition to this, the communities still have many social problems which are complex and oppressive. Taiwan is another country where there are many human races in the labour market such as Vietnamese, Indonesia, Philippine, Chinese and Thai. It is from this starting point that the writer, who is also Thai, grew their interest in this controversial topic. During the first week of the writer’s impression, the focus was on Taichung which is a big industrial city comprising of many traditional and modern architectures as well as varieties of food. In summary, local people’ s behaviour is fairly similar to that of Thai; older people still have the old traditional thoughts however some of teenager thoughts are modern.

For this project idea, the topic holds many challenges for a writer whose background is related to Thai labours in the UK. This is because they were different environments with varying relationships to local language, cultures and traditions between European and Asian. The writer's research from the Thai labour project in the UK found that his subjects had developed their thoughts in an educated manner with considered reasoning in regards to aims and life goals. As a consequence, it can be seen the environment can totally change personal thoughts to the improvement. On scrutiny, however, this is the first week of writer’s researching that just access to the space where is namely “ASEAN SQUARE” in Taichung. 

The Asean square building is like an old department store. There has been an Asean supermarket, a mobile shop, cafe, karaoke bar, restaurant and others, for which most of the customers are Asean labours. It is very interesting to see the intriguing differences in the spaces as they contrast against the local area. On regular days, there are just a few customers in this building because normally, Asean labourers in Taiwan work between Monday to Saturday. In addition, most of them work in the factory under the control of capitalism. Consequently, Sunday offers a day of recreation for them, and they love to come to this building, as a big community, as their place of relaxation. As Thai newspaper in Taiwan (2015) stated, Mayor Lin Chia-lung said that the Taiwanese government would like to build an Asean Square for the Southeast Asian population in Taichung so as to make them feel they can stay at home. In addition, The government has offered a plan for building a new railway station near ASEAN SQUARE. It has many Asean labourers, including Thai labour, who will build this new railway station. 

In relation to the history of Asean square, it was located by the Japanese Army in world war two as a traditional market and named “The first market”. Initially constructed as a wooden structure between 1908-1980. In 1980 this market was consumed in a fire and that was the starting point to establish the big department store and apartment complex by Taiwanese government and private section in 1991. At that moment, it was the popular space for Taiwanese families around Taichung and they came to this space to spend their time happily. At the same time, the government issued the migrant worker policy for building and working in the many factories. It was a result of this fact that they want to develop the country in the industrial way. Furthermore, Thailand is the first country to offer migrant workers to Taiwan.

In 1970, it was burnt down again, leaving it remaining as an abandoned building for 30 years used only by the homeless and drug addicts, until 2000. This was when the private sector began to deal business with migrant workers because the rental fee was very low. Nowadays, it becomes the popular place for Southeast Asians to find basic demands on their day off and enjoy a relaxing time. However, the feedback of the native Taiwanese is that they are beginning to scare these labourers ,and feel like that their home town is no longer theirs. 

In conclusion, at the end of the first week in Taichung the writer has began to learn and gain experience from the centre of relaxing location of Thai labourers. It can be seen that the story of “ASEAN LABOURER” has started with an abandoned location that then becomes a popular place for migrant labourers on a leisure day. A more critiqued to Thai labourer ’s character and lifestyle will be filed in the writer's proposal. Moreover, the writer also did activities with Thai labourers in their leisure time such as talking about life in Taiwan, Drinking Thai beer and playing football. It shows that one day off of Thai labourers might be the most importance of release in their lives. As one of Thai labourers said, “ all of my happiness in working life here is just Thai beer with friends , sometimes gamble and football in leisure time.” 

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